The age of inclusion places us​ in both the issue and the solution. It suggests dramatic change in our workplace and the way we acknowledge and respect difference.  

This campaign is designed as a movement because change requires a movement of dedicated supporters who are willing to call out inequality. We’ve seen how effective this can be for LGBTIQ+, gender equality and anti-racism movements. Now we want to raise awareness of disability. 

The age of inclusion says something is starting to happen around you, but we are not there yet and we need your help. It puts the onus on all of us working together to make this better future a reality. 

As the public sector, we lead by example. Together, we have an opportunity to make an impact. Each of us can play a part. Each of us can be champions for inclusion.

How to show your support as an advocate

Support yourself and others by advocating for the inclusion of people with disability in NSW government. Here are some simple things you can do: 

  1. Read The age of inclusion page for people with disability
  2. Use the graphic assets provided to show your support. 
  3. Post and share campaign videos and posters on social media with the hashtag #theageofinclusion, and encourage your networks to find out more about being inclusive to people with disability by visiting
  4. Share with your colleagues what they can do as a manager, senior leader, and staff member working in the public sector. 
  5. Register as an advocate for disability.