As a manager, you play a powerful role in the age of inclusion. You can create healthy and safe team environments. Take opportunities to know more, educate yourself and your team on better practices, be open to new ways of working and ask rather than assume.  Many disabilities are unseen so you may be working with people who have not disclosed their disability. Your actions can change the lives of staff with disability.  

What you can do

Attend the Managing in the Age of Inclusion webinar series

Learn how to be an inclusive and informed manager, and create a healthy, positive workplace.

Be a champion for disability 

Use our Champion’s kit and register to be a champion for people with disability. 

Learn about disability

Educate yourself about disability and its different forms.

Complete disability awareness training

Become a more confident and inclusive manager with the manager training module on disability awareness.

Learn how to recruit people with disability

Learn best practice recruitment techniques and how to hire inclusively.

Learn more about workplace adjustments

Learn how to support staff with work adjustments and get funding for them.

Build an inclusive work culture

Encourage your team to learn about disability, do the training module on disability awareness for all employees, and support inclusion everyday.

Subscribe to EmployABILITY

Subscribe to our monthly newsletter on disability employment for news, inspiration and guidance.

Learn about real life experiences of people with disability

Understand how to speak frankly about disability in the workplace.

Use The Age of Inclusion resources

Use the graphic assets, social media posts and videos to demonstrate your support publicly for the campaign.

Accessible events

Information for creating accessible word documents, PDFs, presentations and emails.

Accessible documents

Information for creating accessible word documents, PDFs, presentations and emails.