Disclosure of disability is an employee’s choice – it is not a requirement of their employment or of the recruitment process. Creating a safe environment and proactively encouraging candidates to disclose and share information about their challenges can help overcome some barriers to employment. 
If a person chooses to share information about their disability, it is also their choice as to who it is shared with. You must ask the candidate or employee before sharing any of the information they have disclosed through the recruitment or employment process.  
If information regarding a person’s disability is disclosed in circumstances where a candidate or employee has not provided their consent for such information to be disclosed this has privacy implications and could constitute a breach of the Health Records and Information Privacy Act (2002) (NSW) (HRIP Act). For further information regarding the HRIP Act, seek advice within your agency and/or contact the Information and Privacy Commission NSW.

What creates barriers to employment

The application process can pose significant barriers for people with disability.  These can range from the tools and software used, to the language and communication adopted.

There are a number of tools and further ways you can make the candidate experience more accessible to people with disability: