Visit our COVID-19 page for help and information on flexible working, workforce mobility, and employing people for COVID-19-related roles.

Mobility and employment

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During the pandemic there has been a need to quickly mobilise and employ people. To meet this need:

  • a national framework for public sector mobility has been developed to enable successful surge mobility between public sector jurisdictions
  • the GSE Rules have been amended to make it easier for you to employ people to undertake COVID-19-related roles
  • you can also use existing mobility provisions to quickly move staff to areas of need across the NSW government sector.

National Framework for public sector mobility

A cross-jurisdictional framework has been created for sharing staff quickly to enable successful surge mobility in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The framework will enable the public sector to continue to respond to the unprecedented challenges, and the continued delivery of critical services to Australians, when they need them most.

Temporary or term employment for COVID-19 related roles

The amendments allow for:

  • A person to be employed on a temporary basis for up to two years in a COVID-19-related role based on an assessment that demonstrates they are suitable for the role
  • A person’s temporary employment in a COVID-19-related role to be extended by up to two years
  • A person’s employment in a non-COVID-19-related role to be extended by up to 12 months.

The Fact Sheet: Temporary or term employment for COVID-19-related roles explains these changes in more detail and supports you to apply these in practice.

Using mobility to fill roles

The Fact Sheet: Using mobility to fill roles during the COVID-19 pandemic supports you to use existing mobility provisions to fill roles quickly. It includes information on the below topics:

  • mobility options available to you to move staff within your agency and between different government sector agencies
  • tips for advertising and assessing to fill roles.

Getting help and support

For help or support to further understand the amendments or your mobility options, you can reach out to our experts via email or for urgent enquiries call us on 1800 277 247.

You can access the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules (Amendment No 11—COVID-19) 2020 on the NSW legislation website.