Visit our COVID-19 page for help and information on flexible working, workforce mobility, and employing people for COVID-19-related roles.

COVID-19 Resources and Support

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During the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation we are working with agencies to:

  • implement and support flexible work practices
  • understand recent changes to the GSE Rules to help you employ people quickly for COVID-19 related roles
  • support public sector HR practitioners with enquiries about workforce mobility including the GSE Act, transfers and secondments and recruitment
Tools to help you work flexibly
Here are some resources to help employees and teams work differently and maintain productivity during COVID-19.
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Support for HR Practitioners on workforce matters
Resources and guidance for HR practitioners across the public sector on the GSE Act.
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Mobility and employment
Fact sheets to help you mobilise and employ staff quickly during COVID-19.
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Understanding and addressing workplace bullying during COVID-19
Experiences of bullying are likely to look different during the pandemic. Bullying in a physical workplace can sometimes be noticeable. With staff now working differently, instances of bullying may not be as obvious. Bullying is unacceptable, where ever it happens. It is profoundly distressing for the individual and has negative consequences for teams and workplaces.
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Managing employee wellbeing during COVID-19
On this page you’ll find resources on how to maintain mental health for managers and employees, LGBTIQ+ employees, employees with childcare responsibilities and other caring responsibilities, Aboriginal employees and remote and regional employees.
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Cultural Events during COVID-19
Some dates of cultural significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are fast approaching during May and June 2020. There are still ways we can acknowledge or celebrate those dates while social restrictions are in place.
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Delivering an Acknowledgement of Country online.
With an increase in employees working flexibly and participating in online meetings from various locations, it is important to continue to recognise the cultural protocol.
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