The Commissioner

Catherine Grummer

Ms Catherine Grummer is the acting NSW Public Service Commissioner. The Public Service Commissioner is an independent office holder.

Prior to this, in her role as Assistant Commissioner at Public Service Commission, Catherine leads major reforms which focus on developing broad range of sector wide workforce management strategies, policies and frameworks, including recruitment, performance management, diversity and workforce planning. These programs will build workforce capability in order to enhance the effectiveness of the NSW public sector workforce and delivery of services. Catherine also has the responsibility for Leadership Academy and the implementation of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (‘GSE Act’), regulations, rules and policies.

Prior to joining NSW Public Service Commission, Catherine has extensive experience with large scale transformation initiatives within the private Sector. She began her career with global consulting firms, where her work focused on partnering with clients to design workforce programs in order to achieve business outcomes and improve the effectiveness of their HR functions in order to deliver innovative HR services. Catherine also previously held senior HR leadership roles at a global manufacturer and a North American food distributor, where she led programs across a variety of HR disciplines.