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Enquiries and complaints

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The role of the Public Service Commission

The Public Service Commission is responsible for leading the design and implementation of workforce management strategies for the NSW public sector. Find out more about the role of the Commissioner and the role of the Commission.

To access the full range of workforce information go to the Employment Portal.

Enquiries about workforce management can be directed to:

Individual enquiries and complaints

The Public Service Commission does not provide individual employment advice nor does it review decisions made by employing agencies. 

In addition, the Public Service Commissioner does not have a general complaints-handling function.

The following table has been developed to help direct you to the agency best able to deal with your enquiry or complaint where it does not fall within the responsibilities of the Public Service Commission or Commissioner.

Nature of enquiry or complaint Where to get help

All individual employment matters, including:

  • Allowances
  • Leave arrangements
  • Excess employees
  • Fitness for duty assessments
  • Leave and conditions of employment
  • Performance management
  • Recognition of prior service for extended leave purposes
  • Recruitment processes & decisions
  • Retirement on medical grounds
  • Severance or redundancy payments and repayments upon re-employment in the public sector
  • Termination of employment
  • Transfers and secondments
  • Transfer of services to non-government sector
  • Workplace bullying

Please contact management or human resources area of your employing agency for advice.

If you have already received advice from the agency and wish to take the matter further, please refer to your agency’s grievance policy and procedures.

Allegations of corrupt conduct

Independent Commission Against Corruption

Allegations of criminal conduct

NSW Police

Breaches of pecuniary interest provisions under the Local Government Act 1993 and about the conduct of local councillors

Office of Local Government


Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW

Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA); or privacy by a NSW government agency


You can apply to have an agency’s decision on an access application internally reviewed by that agency or reviewed by:

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal


Complaints about beaches of an individual’s privacy can be made to the Privacy Commissioner, at

Individual employment matters for employees covered by federal industrial instruments under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (e.g., modern awards and enterprise agreements)

Fair Work Ombudsman

Maladministration of a NSW government agency, including unfair or unreasonable treatment by a NSW government agency

(Note the NSW Ombudsman does not investigate individual employment matters)

NSW Ombudsman

Police misconduct

Law Enforcement Conduct Commission

Public Interest Disclosures

See the PSC’s website for more information on making public interest disclosures.

The NSW Ombudsman provides advice and guidance to public sector staff about reporting serious wrongdoing.

NSW Ombudsman, PID Unit

Serious and substantial waste of NSW public money

The Auditor-General

Superannuation complaints

The superannuation fund concerned

Superannuation Complaints Tribunal

Unfair dismissal claims under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth)

Fair Work Commission

Unfair dismissal claims under the Industrial Relations Act 1996

NSW Industrial Relations Commission

Work health and safety obligations including bullying

SafeWork NSW

Matters to which the Public Service Commissioner can respond

While the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act) does not give the Public Service Commissioner specific complaint-handling powers, the GSE Act does enable the Commissioner to:

  • conduct an inquiry (or appoint someone else to conduct an inquiry) into any matter relating to the administration or management of the agency
  • require a government sector agency head to provide a report on matters relating to the employees or the employment policies and practices of the agency
  • issue directions to ensure compliance with the GSE Act, regulations or rules.

The Commissioner has discretion to determine whether a complaint warrants the exercise of such powers.

Please see the Guideline: Inquiries into the administration and management of government sector agencies for further information on inquiries under the GSE Act by the Commissioner or a person appointed by the Commissioner.

Complaints about PSC staff

If you have a complaint about a decision made by a PSC employee or the conduct of a PSC employee (including about the quality of service provided, or any policies, procedures and practices of the PSC) please refer to the Complaints Policy Procedure.