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About the NSW public sector

The NSW public sector delivers a wide range of services and regulatory functions to the community, such as education, health services, roads, public transport, law enforcement and environmental protection.

Updates to our structure

From 1 July 2019, eight clusters will deliver the work of the government.

  • Premier and Cabinet
  • Treasury
  • Customer Service
  • Planning, Industry and Environment
  • Transport
  • Health
  • Education
  • Stronger Communities

The new arrangements mean Finance, Services & Innovation, Industry, Planning & Environment, Family & Communities and Justice will cease and their functions will transition over the coming months to the Customer Service, Planning and Industry, and Stronger Communities clusters.

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Share of the NSW economy

In 2018–19, the NSW Government sector had a net worth of $262.0 billion. Employee‑related costs were the single largest expense, accounting for 46.2% of general government expenditure in 2019–20. (See: NSW Government Budget Statement 2019–2020)

Structure of the public sector

Full Time Equivalent by cluster

The NSW public sector is structured into 10 clusters to coordinate related services.

Table: Composition of the public sector by cluster, census period FTE, 2017–2018
Cluster 2018 FTE
Education 92,836
Family & Community Services 9,037
Finance, Services & Innovation 7,410
Health 117,957
Industry 17,220
Justice 41,287
Planning & Environment 13,773
Premier & Cabinet 1,436
Transport 25,574
Treasury 1,477
External to government sector 998
Total 329,005

Source: Workforce Profile (2018)

* FTE has been rounded to the nearest whole number. As a result the total public sector may not equal the sum of the components. FTE describes the number of full-time employees required to account for all ordinary-time paid hours of work. For example, two employees working half weeks would be counted as one FTE employee.

The NSW public sector is made up of a number of entities. It includes the whole of the government sector:

  • The Public Service, comprised of
    • NSW Government Departments
    • Executive agencies related to a Department
    • Separate Public Service agencies
  • The Health Service
  • The Teaching Service
  • The Police Force
  • The Transport Service
  • State Owned Corporations (which may be part of the Government Sector for specified purposes)
  • And other Crown Services (includes the TAFE Commission)

Alongside the government sector, the broader public sector also includes:

  • Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • Staff of the Parliament
  • State Owned Corporations
  • Judicial Commission
  • Judicial Officers
  • Audit Office
  • and other NSW public sector entities which includes Public Financial Corporations such as Tcorp, and the Internal Audit Bureau.