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About the NSW Public Sector

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The NSW public sector delivers a wide range of services and regulatory functions to the community, such as education, health services, roads, public transport, law enforcement and environmental protection.

Most of the services are delivered by agencies or services referred to in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013. They are part of the government sector and include the:

  • Public Service
  • NSW Health
  • Teaching Service
  • NSW Police Force
  • Transport Service of NSW
  • other persons or bodies including State owned corporations (which may be part of the government sector for specified purposes)
  • other crown services (includes the TAFE Commission, School Administrative and Support Staff, and Sydney Trains)

The government sector forms part of the broader public sector. Some agencies and people are part of the public sector but are not part of the government sector as the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 generally does not apply to them. They include:

  • the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • staff of the parliamentary departments
  • staff of members of parliament
  • State owned corporations
  • the Judicial Commission
  • judicial officers
  • the Audit Office