Women working in the Sector

Advancing Women

AdvancingWomen_6965195666561130791.jpgAdvancing Women: Increasing the participation of women in senior roles in the NSW public sector (PDF 1.4MB) is an important input to consideration on the issue of the diversity needed for senior leadership roles in order to strengthen sector capacity. 

It was prepared by Women and Work Research Group from the University of Sydney’s Business School. The report provides an appraisal of the current situation across the NSW government sector and recommends areas for further consideration. 

The research included literature reviews, workforce data analysis, review of the 2012 and 2014 People Matter Employee Survey Results, interviews with senior human resource practitioners, focus groups with senior leaders and examination of leading practice case studies. Recommendations considering both short and long term strategies were also required as part of the final report.

Breaking Through

Picture Breaking ThroughBreaking Through (PDF 2.2MB) is a publication which features twenty inspiring stories of women in a range of non traditional occupations across the NSW public sector.

Drive Your Career Program

Drive Your Career is a career development program for high potential women at grade 5/6 – 7/8, or equivalent.

The program commences with a one day conference to help participants plan and develop strategies for their career. This is followed by a 12 week modular development program using the My Mentor: challenging women to make it happen toolkit.

At the conclusion of the program, agencies can expect participants to:

  • step up and seek opportunities for greater responsibility
  • be more effective, engaged and focused in their role and work environment
  • take ownership of their own development, career paths and direction
  • feel like they have a strategy to balance their work commitments with their family commitments
  • become more willing to take risk and stretch themselves in terms of career objectives
  • become more proactive in seeking mentors, without HR having to construct a formal mentoring process

If you are interested in participating in the program but have missed out on this occasion, you may register your interest in the next program by contacting IPAA NSW on (02) 9228 4693.